Monday, November 21, 2011

It's a girl!

Gather all your rainbows and unicorns and flowers and whatever other supposed "girly" things because we are having a GIRL!

Want to see the proof?
Here it is.

I *had* to put the captions in there since there is really no other way to decipher the image.

Oh sonogram technology...  I see you still have a long way to go...

I think its pretty amazing that there were 3 people that predicted a "girl" since the very beginning and not 1 person predicted a "boy".  I don't know what methods they are using, but whatever it is, it worked!

I really had no prediction, and when people asked which gender I wanted,  I replied "Either.  A healthy baby is all I want".
I mean, if I were to prefer one gender over the other, wouldn't that make me seem sexist?  That is the only socially appropriate response I can come up with! =D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011: pumpkins, brain, and crazy lady, oh my!

It just sunk in that Halloween just passed, meaning that its already November.
I am still living in Spring 2011.
Where the heck did Summer and early Fall go? 

This year, I intentionally purchased very few candies to hand out to trick-o-treaters, because last year, we got maybe ~10 trick-o-treaters so we ended up with a lot of surplus.
I only purchased 2 small bags of candies, and guess how many kids showed up this year?
A whopping 5 children!    half!
Looks like we still have surplus again this year. 

So what did we do to celebrate Halloween this year?
Well, cousin Connie invited us over for a pumpkin carving party (we had a blast!) and we carved these lovely pumpkins:
                                                        Two Ghosts and Bat Cat

I continued the Halloween ritual of making mini jack o lanterns (stuffed bell peppers).
Except this year, I used green bell peppers, and I used a completely different filling.

                                          Hey look, some of them are drooling!

I also made a brain (out of jello and cream cheese). 
                                                            Very convincing, isn't it? 

There was also a crazy lady walking around brandishing a rolling pin.

               Get over here so I can rolling pin your ass