Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eyeballs, nails, and siblings

Both Jeff and I got lasik!
I got lasik last Saturday (Feb 19) and Jeff got his yesterday.
My vision is now 20/15 and Jeff's eyes are expected to be the same.
My original vision was 20/400 (holy shit!) with a prescription of -2.50. Jeff's original vision 20/400 (they stop counting after 400), with a prescription of ~9.00)

How the procedure works is:
  1. The doctor puts numbing drops in your eyes, and hands you teddy bear to hold. Apparently I undressed him during the procedure without realizing it.
  2. You are put under the lasik machine, with lots of gauze put on the sides of your face to catch liquids.
  3. Your eye lashes are taped down, and a tool is put on your eye to hold the eyeball in place (this was my LEAST favorite part). Lots of liquid is put in the eye to keep your eyes lubricated.
  4. A tool I call the "can opener" is used to cut the cornea flap, and the flap is moved aside exposing your eye ball.
  5. Laser laser laser! 15 seconds for each eye for me. 45 seconds for each eye for Jeff.
  6. Cornea flap is put back in place
  7. TA DAA!! All done!

You are in and out of there in 20 minutes.
Easy peasy.
I was able to see 20/40 right away, and was able to see 20/20 after 3 hours.
Pretty awesome!


Today, we took the guineas for their 2nd mani/pedi (hehe). Their nails were long overdue.
We also picked up a HUGE bag of timothy while we were there:
see how big the hay bag is, relative to the size of the guinea pigs? Yes, the guineas can eat that amount in ~1 week (hehe).
there IS a reason why they are called "pigs"

Here is Marbles getting her nails cut:

And here is Marbles fighting so much, that back-up had to be called.
I was so embarrassed...


While Ruby was getting her nails cut, one of the Cavy Haven volunteers recognized Ruby (Ruby is famous!!) and informed us that Ruby's brother (Cookie) was also there!
Ruby and Cookie were reunited.
Ruby on the left. Brother Cookie on the right.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kitchen Remodeling

We are getting the kitchen remodeled this Spring (March is considered Spring, right?).

We are maximizing the floor space, updating the cabinets and counter tops, and increasing storage space.
After all this work is complete, we expect the kitchen to be:
  • Easier to use/maneuver -- maybe it will actually fit 2+ people at a time without somebody getting hurt
  • Easier storage -- it's almost impossible to store pots/pans/dishes with our shallow 1940s cabinets
  • Aesthetically pleasing -- have you seen our kitchen... 'nuff said
  • No longer dropping paint chunks -- I hate pulling a plate out of the cupboard to find pieces of chipped paint stuck on my plate.
  • Increase re-sale value of the home -- who doesn't like an updated kitchen?!
Here is how we expect the kitchen to look:

View of the stove/oven side of the kitchen
View of the sink side of the kitchen on the left. View of the laundry room on the right

Aerial view of the kitchen

We will need to sell our refrigerator and our portable dishwasher, as we are purchasing a new counter-depth refrigerator and a built-in dishwasher for the remodeled kitchen.

Kenmore Elite French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator : asking for $900
GE 24" Tabletop Portable Dishwasher: asking for $200

Please spread the word!