Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas on the East Coast. 2010 edition

We spent Christmas on the East Coast for 2010.

We were originally supposed to stay for 4 days but we ended up staying an extra 3 days due to a blizzard. (damn you winter! why must the holiday season also be the winter season?).
The pro was, I got to see Washington DC with the extra days we had.
The cons were, I had to take extra days off work (more than I can afford!), I lost a client for my pet business (more about that later), not enough fresh food in the fridge at home for the guinea pigs, and had to pay extra $$$ at the LAX long term parking lot

Curse you winter!!!
In my ideal world, I would live in Hawaii forever, where it's summer 365 days a year. mmmm

Now on with the photos!
We started our trip in New York, spent the middle of our trip in New Jersey, then drove down to Washington DC to end our trip there.


View over New York and Central Park

We are so cute

Empire state building?

Us cousins at Rockefeller Tree


The start of the blizzard

The end of the blizzard

Capitol Building

Jeff getting stopped by the DC police. 
"It wasn't me, I swear!"

White House

Thomas Jefferson

Lincoln Memorial


FDR's dog at the FDR Memorial

FDR's memorial fountain was frozen over

National Monument