Sunday, July 31, 2016

We Moved!!

On July 12, 2016, we packed up all our life's possessions, hopped in our car, and moved up to the Bay Area. It has been an exciting (and tiring and sad) last few months, preparing for our 359 mile move from LA to Bay Area, settling into our home in Fremont, and getting our LA home ready for sale.

Our home officially went on the market on July 27th and had its first open house today (July 31).

We worked really hard the last 3 months fixing up our home and giving it a face-lift.  My home was practically my 3rd baby and I cannot feel prouder of it.  You can check out the photos and details of the home here:

We are also currently looking for a new preschool for Caitlin and house hunting for our forever home.
Jeff also has been working at Facebook for two weeks now.  It seems to be a pretty cool place to work at.

Lots of stuff is happening and I couldn't be more excited.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Paradise Point Resort - Nov 14-16

We haven't done much traveling ever since we doubled the number of children we have. For my birthday celebration back in November (the big 3-0!), we decided to do a small weekend getaway at a resort.  That way, we will get the vacation "feel" without the hassle of actually traveling with 2 young kids.

Paradise Point Resort in San Diego fit the bill.  A resort with a lot of amenities on site, such as a beach, bike rentals, mini golf, pools and jacuzzis, spas, fire pits with smore kits, tennis, croquet, the list goes on.  Big bonus: they cater to families.  The resort is located on their own private island and they are located a few minutes away from SeaWorld, if you are into whale and dolphin torture.

 the resort grounds

Due to some not-so-great planning, we actually planned the trip on a chilly, drizzly weekend.  So we did not get to utilize their swimming pools much.  We quickly had Caitlin take a quick dip the afternoon we arrived because the remainder of the trip was forecasted to be cold and rainy.  The following day, we rented surrey carts, tanned by the beach, played ping pong and croquet, fed ducks, and relaxed. 
Me playing ping pong while Logan is strapped to my body

Logan was a week shy of 6 months of age during this trip.  We discovered during this trip that Logan was able to sit unassisted. He even sat up front in the surrey cart unassisted as well, with only a lap strap keeping him contained!  He's a strong boy.
 surrey cart rental

I would most definitely go back again.  Except next time, I'd recommend going not when it's chilly and drizzly.  Sucks to have a November birthday.
We had so much fun on this trip, that we all returned home with a nasty cold.  Our entire family was knocked out for a good month.  It sucked.

Paradise Point Resort & Spa, A Destination Hotel 
1404 Vacation Rd, San Diego, CA 92109

Oh, and funny story.
We actually left Caitlin's beloved tiger, Koss, at the resort.  The afternoon after returning home, I realized Koss never came home with us.  I made a phone call to the resort, asking them to ship Koss to me as soon as they can.  That night, I was hoping that Caitlin simply wouldn't notice that Koss was not around. 
Caitlin was crying and inconsolable. It was awful.
Jeff was such a good dad and drove all the way back down to San Diego that night and recovered poor little Koss.  Driving to and from San Diego twice in one day is so taxing.  Caitlin is lucky to have such a great Dad.