Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentines 2013

Valentines this year was the first time in several years where Jeff and I exchanged gifts to each other (in recent years, gift giving was only one-sided).  While I think that the idea of forcing people to "express their love" to one another person is silly, I like to play along and use it as an excuse get a gift, eat a fancy meal, and eat lots of chocolates.  Why not? =)

 Yang Family Valentines Day

This was Caitlin's first Valentines Day, so of course, we included her in our festivities.  We gave her the book "Clifford's First Valentines" as her gift and she got to eat chocolate for the first time (in the mini chocolate chip pancakes that I made). 

We wanted to get Omakase at Sushi Sushi (we went there for Valentines a couple of years ago so I wanted to go back again), but they aren't open on Sundays and they also don't open for dinner until 6pm.  Not wanting to eat dinner so late (because we start Caitlin bedtime routine at 7:15) and not wanting to fight the Saturday night dinner crowd, we decided it was best to go to our tried-and-true Kabuki Restaurant for dinner instead.  We went the Monday after Valentines to avoid the Valentine-weekend diners, to take advantage of their Happy Hour menu (weekdays from 3-6pm), and to take advantage of their double-point Mondays (this is for Kabuki Red Mask members, which I am!).  We ordered all the food we wanted since we were going "all out" for Valentines.  The food was delicious, we tried a lot of new dishes, and we had lots of leftovers.  The bill was much higher than usual but the cost was less than the cost of omakase for 1 person.  Even better!
Caitlin unwrapping her Valentines gift.

She completely removed the ribbon and unwrapped the gift herself.  She did not need assitance from us!  But we had to constantly stop her from trying to eat the tissue paper.

Ta da!  Clifford's First Valentines Day. 

Jeff got me chocolate orchids and white orchids, and a box of See's chocolates (yum!). 
I gave Jeff the photo greeting card, the mug warmer, the kindle reading light, the lover's sexy dice, the dark chocolate, and the 2 bags of combos.

 Sadly, my crappy camera takes blurry, yellow, photos indoors.  But this is a picture of us pigging out at Kabuki.  Caitlin enjoys showing us her "see-food". (see-food / sea food... get it?? heh heh).

 The damage at Kabuki.  Everything was delicious.