Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barber shop

Time for Jen to open up a barber shop!
Not only does she cut Jeff's hair, but she also cuts Marble's fur!

May not look like much, but it's actually a good amount of fur!

After the torture, Marbles ran to Jeff for comfort.  Why must Jen be the bad guy?
Truffles is.... independent

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Truffles is super camera shy!

While Marbles is very social, poor Truffles is still camera shy!!

the first full-frontal photo of Truffles!

Truffles and Marbles on the bed

Truffles ducking for cover!


She can't hide from us! mwhahaha...

Monday, November 23, 2009

How adorable..

We finally decided on the names "Truffles" and "Marble" for our two guinea pigs. Truffles for the black guinea pig, and Marbles for the gray/white guinea pig.

And here is a picture of Marbles exploring Jeff's face:

Isn't that just adorable?!?!


Here is a video of Marble happily  purring and "wheeking" as she explores the couch:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two New Additions to Our Family!

Yesterday, we adopted two young guinea piggies!
They are still getting settled in, getting used to their new home and their new mommy and daddy.

They are healthy (I hope), friendly, upbeat, sweet, warm, and adorable. =)

We have a gray+white guinea pig, and a black+tan guinea pig

The two guinea pigs are introducing themselves to each other (we got them from two different places)

Welcome home!  (see the two hiding in the upper-right corner)?

We are still working on figuring out their names...  suggestions?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Save the Top Tier!

Notice during our wedding (and at most weddings), we cut the bottom tier of the wedding cake, and the bottom + middle tier were served to the guests.  But the top tier was untouched!

There is a wedding cake tradition, that the bride and groom eat the top tier of their wedding cake on their first anniversary.  This may seem yucky (freezer burned cake!?) but tradition is tradition.  Why not... =)

We tried our best to save our cake so we can enjoy it next September! 
(We actually did this immediately after we returned from our honeymoon. I'm just behind on posting about it).

We removed the hardened cake from the freezer (easier that way) and removed the cardboard bottom.
Isn't that cake so beautiful?

Plastic wrap!!  Many many many layers


Aluminum foil!!  Many many layers

Mummified x2

We popped the entire thing into our freezer. 
If we had a tupperware big enough, we would have used that too...

We are looking forward to pulling this out and enjoying this on September 20, 2010!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It was Halloween yesterday...

 However, we were too hungry for brains to enjoy Halloween....

Thanks to Carley and Ken for their fantastic photgraphy skills!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

We are married! -- pictures and videos

A big thanks to everyone who was able to attend our wedding and share this special day with us.

For our wedding photos:

To watch our 'First Dance As Bride & Groom':

To download our 'First Dance As Bride & Groom' video:

To download photos from the disposable cameras
(some photos were too dark and have been discarded):

To view photos from our honeymoon in Europe:

To view your Photobooth photos:
password: theyangs
(I have the original file of each photo. If you would like some, please let me know which ones you want).