Thursday, August 5, 2010

so excited... going to pee my pants

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is next month (wow!)

It's decided! -- we are going to Hawaii to celebrate!!

looking forward to next month....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Destination unknown, Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

On Sunday, we brought home Ruby (original name is Roja) to be a part of our family.
After Truffles passed away ~2 weeks ago, Marbles really needed another friend (Marbles wanted to spend every minute with us. It was cute... but creepy at the same time.)

So far, Ruby seems pretty vocal: squeaking when she hears plastic bags, and chirping and gobbling when trotting around. She seems to love to eat too. So far, I can see *loves* romaine, fresh cut grass, carrots, timothy hay... the list goes on. Sometimes, I see Ruby following Marbles, so I think she is fitting in pretty well.

Ruby's birthday is June 4, 2010. (It's her 2 month birthday today!) We named her "Ruby" because her eyes are red like rubies, and "Ruby" is a stone, just like "Marble".
We adopted her through OC Cavy Haven.

And now, the most important part...

Gotta give Marbles some LOVE too!!
rwar! she so hungry for fingers!