Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our backyard - patio edition

To refresh your memory, back in July, we cleared our backyard of 7 foot tall weeds.  Then in September, we installed artificial grass in our yard and added mulch to the perimeter of the backyard.
The last and final touches we need in our backyard are a patio area and garden!
In November, we got to work searching for an outdoor patio dining set and started working on a garden.

For the garden, I can't plant anything into the ground since the ground is covered with artificial grass.  As a result, I went the "container gardening" route, which is very hip among city and apartment dwellers!  I don't have a green thumb so cutesy, delicate, flowers were out.  Succulents are plants that are very hardy and independent. A succulent garden is perfect for me because I would have to be incredibly inept to kill succulents!  For containers, I collected flower pots from family and friends, dug out old unused tupperware from the kitchen and also purchased a few flower pots from Home Depot.  Then during my daily walks around the neighborhood, I took succulent clippings from other people's yards and walkways and planted the clippings into my flower pots.  Now, I can brag to others that "my succulent garden consists of succulents from all over Los Angeles!".
My succulent container garden. All the succulents are still babies.
Can't wait to see how big they get in the next few months.

I also purchased 2 used wicker chairs for $5 (what a steal! I bought it from the "Westside Swap" group on Facebook) that I placed adjacent to the succulents, so people can sit, chat, and enjoy the view of my container garden.

For the patio dining set, we spent a long time deciding what kind of patio set we wanted. I've always liked the "sling" look on patio chairs but they tend to be more expensive and have to be "re-slung" every few years.  I didn't want to spend more than $600 on a quality outdoor dining set but at that budget, our options were close to none.  We looked on Craigslist for used options but many were still higher than $600 and we don't own a truck to pick up the dining set.  Sure, we could go through the effort of renting a Uhaul then coordinating a time with the seller, but the logisitics would be too difficult.  It was just easier to pay for something brand new that could be delivered to us.
Good ol' IKEA always pulls through!! 
Through a blog post about quality budget patio sets, I discovered that IKEA sells a 6-seater, solid wood, outdoor dining set (The Applaro) for only $400!  After reading some reviews about the Applaro, all the reviews were very positive: comfortable, durable, kind to the eyes, and affordable. I think we paid an additional $100 for delivery, which was still well below our budget. 
A 6 seater, with an extra flap you can extend to make the table longer

Caitlin was an integral part of the Applaro building process

We invited some friends over to BBQ in our yard and try out the new patio table.  Everything was great except one thing:  it got really cold in the evening and we eventually had to move the party indoors.  We casually eyed some patio heaters but they all seemed too expensive, and I was unsure how often I would even use the patio heater.  The cheapest one we found was a $130 heater at Home Depot.  Then cyber Monday came along (the Monday after Thanksgiving) and got an email from Home Depot: outdoor patio heater, originally $130, is now $99!  I had Jeff immediately place an order and he picked up the patio heater that evening.  Jeff even found a $5 off coupon at RetailMeNot, dropping the price to $94! 
We are currently in the process of trying to figure out how to power the stupid thing (sure, it takes propane but how do you get the tank to fit in the base of the heater?).

Caitlin helping Jeff assemble the patio heater

Last thing we needed was a kids picnic table for all the times that we have little kiddos over at our house, or for when Caitlin wants to dine al fresco!  Kid picnic tables run at about $70 on Amazon, which is pretty steep. I put one on Caitlin's Amazon Wishlist, hoping some generous person , that loves Caitlin very much,  would buy one for her.  But as it turned out, we didn't need to! 
During one of our daily walks around the neighborhood, I saw that the local daycare threw out an old picnic table on the street!  I texted the lady that runs the daycare and asked "I see you put a kids picnic table on the sidewalk.  Do you no longer want it? If not, can I have it?".  She said I could have it! Yay!!  After struggling to drag the picnic table home one-handed, while carrying Caitlin in my other arm, the lady said she would hang onto the picnic table for me until Jeff can come over and get it.  How sweet her.  Later that night, I sent Jeff over to pick up the picnic table and voila! We were the proud owner of a new old picnic table!  Everything worked out so perfectly.

the kids picnic table with 2 additional plastic chairs added on the sides.
The Applaro in the background

In the back of our yard, we have a creepy alley behind our garage.  It's filthy and not very safe back there.  To draw one's attention away from this alley, we purchased 2 succulent shrubs from C&S Nursery to hide the entrance of the alley.
The entrance to the alley on the lower-left frame.
Top photo and bottom-right photo shows how it looks now with our new shrubs!
Alley?  What Alley?

The ultimate goal is to have a container garden along the entire back wall as well.  But the plants would need to be shade plants since that area gets very little sun.

What do you think of our backyard now?
It took a long time getting here (oh, about 4.5 years), but we finally have a usable backyard that we aren't ashamed to show people, and we aren't afraid that snakes would come haul Caitlin away!

Happy Holidays 2013!

As we are wrapping up the whirlwind year of 2013 (where I still think it's January 2013), I want to wish everyone a very happy holidays full of laughter, love, and warm fuzzies.

Let's hope 2014 treats us equally well as 2013, if not better!

Monday, November 25, 2013


A few days before my birthday, I discovered Ruby in the evening, laying lifeless in her cage, at an odd angle.  I suspected that she had passed away but I was too nervous to get close to the cage to check for sure.  As Caitlin ate dinner, I kept an eye on the cage from afar to see if there was any movement.  After half an hour of Ruby laying in that same position, I was pretty confident that Ruby had suspiciously and suddenly passed away.
I didn't want to get a replacement piggy but we had to because guinea pigs must live in pairs to avoid loneliness and depression.  We didn't have time to go adopt a new piggy for Marbles that upcoming weekend because it was my birthday weekend and our calendar was booked (why must guinea pig rescues be so far away? The closest one is in Chatsworth, the next closest one is in Anaheim. It's almost as if these rescues *want* me to go to the Petco 2 blocks away and buy a piggie).

We booked an adoption appointment with LA Guinea Pig rescue 2.5 weeks away.  I was really nervous that Marbles wouldn't last that long and would die of loneliness.  Luckily, a week before our appointment, I got a call from the woman that runs the rescue, saying she had an opening the following day so I took that time slot in a heartbeat.  The sooner we get Marbles a friend, the better.

The next day, we drove to Chatsworth, which really is really out in the boonies.  The rescue is located at the personal home of the person that runs the rescue, and I am not lying, we had to take a dirt path to get to her home (I really thought we were lost), which turned out to actually be a farm.  I mean, we were greeted by a crazy, noisy goose!  There were also other animals on the property like chickens and horses.  I can't believe Chatsworth is technically located in "Los Angeles County" and the lady running the rescue has the nerve to call her rescue "LA Guinea Pig Rescue".  More like "Middle of nowhere guinea pig rescue".

The lady took us to her garage, which housed at least, 30 guinea pigs, all orphans, hoping to find their forever home.  We took a look at all the females and neutered boys and I picked a female piggy at random.  I just wanted a piggy that got along with Marbles, had short fur (low maintenance), and looked relatively young. The first piggy I picked, named Ivy, was a tan and black short haired piggy, estimated to be 7-8 months old.  We put Ivy and Marbles together in a cage to see if they got along, and it was a match made in heaven -- lots of squeaks, sniffing, and snuggling.
I was able to snap this photo during their bonding process:

Everything looked good, so I signed the adoption form, paid the $35 adoption fee, and we drove back to civilization.

We spent 2 days thinking of a new name for Ivy.  Both Marbles and Ruby were named after stones, so we wanted Ivy to be named after a stone too. We tried to think of stones/rocks that were tan and black in color.  Sandstone... Tigereye (some people call it Tigerstone)... Nothing really rolled off the tongue.  Then Jeff thought of Rubble or Pebble (I thought of Flintstones when I heard these names).  While I thought "Pebble" was a much cuter name, pebbles are gray in color, while rubble is a more tan or brown color.  So we decided on Rubble, and we added an "S" to the end, the same way to added an "S" to the end of Marbles' name.  So there we have it: Rubbles.  It wasn't until I told my sister that I realized that Rubbles sounds a lot like Ruby and Marbles put together.  Oh well, maybe we can pretend it was intentional.

Rubbles is still settling in, so it's been difficult to take any photos of her.  We've had her for over a week now, and still, the only picture I have of her, is the one above.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Our backyard - update

As you may recall from our 7 foot tall weeds post, our backyard was literally (yes, I mean literally, not "literally" when people mean to say "figuratively") was consumed by 7 foot tall weeds.  After we cleared out the weeds and considered all our options, we went with getting artificial grass so we wouldn't have to worry about maintenance and watering costs.

On Sept 19, the folks from Hunny Do Grass came over and installed the grass.  They tore out the old stubby weeds, which were rooted deep in the ground, pulled out some old plumbing that was previously used for an illegal back-house, leveled out the land, then installed the artificial grass.  The folks weren't your typical "Home Depot" laborers.  Instead, these guys were polite, friendly, professional, and best of all, they spoke English!
Putting in artificial grass is basically like installing carpet.  They cut the exact amount that you need for your area, they nail it in, and you upkeep it by occasionally hosing the dust off and using a leaf blower to blow any leaves away.  I did not like how the edge of the "grass" area isn't in a complete straight line (instead, they cut the edge all jagged) because the tiles in the concrete area of our yard aren't aligned. If our yard wasn't previously consumed by weeds, I would have seen that the tiles weren't straight and I would have fixed it myself. So that's a bummer.
But other than that, I'm very happy with the results.  You gotta admit, our backyard looks 200% better than before and is actually usable.

Now all that was left in our yard that was still weedy was the palm tree area.  We decided that mulching the area would look so much nicer, rather than having dead weeds that we would have to cut every couple of weeks.  Mulching also naturally prevents weeds from growing, which means, less work for us!
I got the project started (I was way more enthusiastic than Jeff about mulching) by hosing down the weeds and dirt around the palm trees, to soften that hard, dead, weedy earth.  It was disgusting how many spiders, ants, and grasshoppers emerged from that area running for cover, as I flooded their home. It was pretty gross.  Then I attacked the land with a giant shovel, breaking up the weeds and dirt, then raking the weeds away into a trash can (the entire project was proven to be very difficult with a 1.5 toddler running around getting in my way)  Even after discarding a lot of weeds, there were still so many weeds that were embedded so deep within the hard earth.  Not sure what to do next, I put the project on hold for about 3 weeks.  Within those 3 weeks, we got a lot of rain, then we had a major heat wave.  What ended up happening was, the rain softened the dirt, then dried out all the weeds into light, thin, hay.  We hired our gardener to do an initial cleanup of our backyard, to clean up all leaves that built up in the yard over the last 3 years (yeah, we don't do a lot of yard work, if you can't tell) and cut the weeds that grow through the cracks of our concrete.  Our gardener was so kind to also weed-whack the hay/weeds in the palm tree area!  With most of the weeds gone, Jeff and I were able to easily start mulching the area!  First, we spent an entire day shoveling the land, leveling the land, and discarding any leftover weeds and rocks.  Then I made a trip to Home Depot with my sister and bought some red mulch (I bought a mix of both rubber and wood).  Pouring the mulch was EASY.  Just pour and you're done!

I bet you're waiting for the before and after photos!

Yard, BEFORE artificial grass install

Yard AFTER artificial grass install (caitlin makes a cameo)

Palm Tree area, BEFORE mulching

Palm Tree area, AFTER mulching

Grass Install Progress Photos:

What are we working on now?
We are furnishing the yard with a patio set for adults (estimated to arrive this weekend) and a kids bench for kids (we found a beat up, but usable one on the streets).  I am also working on a succulent container garden to add some actual live plants in the yard.  Will post photo soon!

Doesn't our backyard look so awesome?

Monday, August 26, 2013

7-foot tall weeds

Ever since spring 2013 started, the grass in our backyard slowly transitioned to weeds and began taking over the entire back yard.  With every sunny day and occasional rainfall, the weeds quickly shot up and over the course of a few months, turned into 7 foot weeds!
Now, it wasn't a few whispy tall weeds here and there.  No, it was a dense, thick, jungle full of different types of weeds, tumbling and intertwining each other, with thick stems and roots going down deep into the soil. Not to mention, the dense weeds were the home of a ton of spiders and grasshoppers.

Yao was so nice to visit us from SF to spend July 4th with us this year (starting to seem like an annual tradition!) and help us with our weeds.
Jeff and I thought over a gameplan for how to tackle the weeds.  Jeff suggested simply attacking the jungle with a lawn mower, but I thought that would simply knock the weeds over sideways but wouldn't actually cut and kill the weeds.  We thought of other options like weed whackers and garden shears but that would be too labor intensive.  We needed something that is fast and efficient.  We read some internet forums about weed removal and someone suggested using a scythe, which is very effective but requires a lot of skill.  Then I thought about how one would penetrate a jungle, like if we were hiking through the amazon rainforest...... I got it!!  a MACHETE!!
Where in the world would we even get a machete from?

A quick search on the Home Depot website yielded a $15 machete so we hopped in the car to the local Home Depot and purchased our very own machete.
The boys got to work the following day (I intended on helping after I fed Caitlin lunch and put her down for her nap but apparently the boys finished before I was done!) and found that the machete was so efficient and perfect for the task.

7 foot tall weeds!

maybe the weeds were closer to 7.5 feet tall

ready for action!

We weren't exaggerating. It was a tumbling mess.  The weeds consumed my veggie garden!

Weeds are noticably shorter. Good job Yao!

oh good. I can actually see the back of the yard now.

once the weeds were short and manageable, the boys mowed and snipped

trash pile


a job well done!

They finished the entire job in about 1.5 hours.  There was more weeds than we couple dispose of in our trash cans so it took us about 3 weeks to finally get all the weeds hauled away by the trash company. 

Now what. 
We have an entire yard full of prickly dead weeds that easily pierces through the skin.  Not safe to wear sandals in our yard and definitely not safe for Caitlin to be running through!  We also don't want to put in brand new sod because the upkeep and maintenance of grass is ridiculous (what a waste of water and money towards a gardener).  We considered options like drought tolerant plants like dymonidia, but we didnt want to hire a landscaper to flatten the ground, remove the pipes, prepare the soil, and plant the plants.  And dymondia still needs the occasional watering.  After several weeks of going back and forth on ideas, we finally decided that installing artificial turf would be the best option for us.  Requires no water, no mowing, and lasts up to 20 years.
I found that Costco sold artificial turf on their website at a great price (under $3 per sq foot) but turned out, the contracted company that Costco worked with (Pregra) were incredibly unprofessional (stood us up on 2 scheduled appointments) and their turf installation prices weren't competitive.
After looking on Yelp, we decided to get an estimate with Hunny Do Grass since they had raving Yelp reviews.  The sales guy came over, right on time, measured our lot, and gave us an estimate right then and there.  The price came out to a grand total of $4735 ($1K cheaper than the quote from Pregra) for the turf + weed and pipe removal + turf installation for our backyard, with a 10 year warranty.  We signed the contract today and we scheduled the turf installation for Sept 19.  Can't wait!  They are so popular since their install guys are booked for weeks.  With Pregra, the install guys were available for install within 2-3 days... guess that shows that nobody wants to work with them!

Will update you all when the turf is in!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

NJ trip - June 21-Jul 1, 2013

We recently returned from a trip visiting family in NJ.  We arrived in NJ super duper late on June 21 (Caitlin didn't go to bed until past 1am EST), and we caught the first flight back home on July 1st at 6am EST (which meant we were up at 3am EST, which is midnight PST!).
We had quite the whirlwind week, where we squeezed in 2 parties and tried to fit in as much family time as we could in between Caitlin's rigid schedule.
Even though we didn't do any sight seeing in New Jersey, I actually preferred it that way.  You can't get to any hotspot destinations in NJ without driving at least 1 hour one-way, and since Caitlin hates car rides and has a limited schedule, I was much happier just hanging out at home. =)   Traveling with a baby makes mama work double-time (Caitlin was super fussy and getting her to sleep was tough), so I was extra tired.  No way I had energy to sight see!  We also discovered that one of Caitlin's favorite activities is playing with a hose in the yard, so when we arrived back in LA, one of the first things we did was order a hose!

Here is a sample of some of the pictures from NJ,
From Somerset, NJ - June 2013

From Somerset, NJ - June 2013
From Somerset, NJ - June 2013

View the rest of the album here:
Somerset, NJ - June 2013

One of the highlights of this trip, was that Caitlin and I got to see fireflies for the first time.  If you didn't know, fireflies do not exist west of the Appalachian mountains, which is why you never see them in CA. Here if a vid of us chasing fireflies:

Oh, and if you were wondering how the flight there and back went, I would say the flight there was tough.
On the flight to NJ, we flew during Caitlin's scheduled nap time.  But instead of napping her usual 1-2 hours, she napped a whopping 20 minutes!!  We spent the remainder of the 5 hour flight trying so hard to entertain her, show her cartoons on the laptop, feed her snacks, give her OJ to drink, let her play with plastic cups and ice.... you name it.  And every time she cried (which was frequent), I would nurse her.  I got to the point where I whipped out my boob so much that I didn't care who saw my boobs, as long as it kept Caitlin quiet. Having the option to nurse her to shut her up was so nice.  Once Caitlin is weaned, flying/traveling will be incredibly hard.

The flight back was GREAT.
We were the last to board the flight and we noticed that the entire row in front of us was empty!  They must have missed their flight since we were the last to board and it was a completely booked flight. Quick-thinking Jeff immediately hopped into the empty row and claimed the seats.  It was so nice to have all 3 seats for the 3 of us (having a lap baby is HARD when having to squeeze into only 2 seats).  Caitlin loved the freedom to roam across the seat, look out the window, stare at people down the aisle... Caitlin barely cried during the flight.  Also, Caitlin napped for an hour on the flight since we were up since 3am that morning, so that was nice too.  We finally arrived back at LAX at 8am, and it felt like we already spent an entire day awake, but the day was just starting!  As we were leaving the plane, several passengers on the plane stopped to tell us how behaved Caitlin was, and that they didn't even know we had a baby during the flight!  One lady even stopped us in the terminal to compliment how well-behaved Caitlin was.
I couldn't be prouder of Caitlin.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo Cards

I beleive we have started a new tradition where we exchange photo cards to each other during holidays =)

Mothers Day 2013

Fathers Day 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy 4th year house anniversary

It's June again, so that means it's another year that we've been living in our home!

All we've done this year, was replace the screen door on our front door, and got a brand new HVAC unit installed, which is exactly what I predicted we would do a year ago. 

A grand total of 4 years.  That was fast.
I think when we first bought the house, we initially planned on staying for 2-3 years.  4 years, how did that happen...

I can't wait to move out of this old, dusty, house, where the termites gnaw away at the foundation and the rats play merrily in our attic.  I can't wait to move out of this house, where the yard is too small and filthy for Caitlin to play in, and my car is eternally blocked in the driveway due to tandem parking.  I also can't wait to move to a home that is away from the noisy main road and dusty freeway and Caitlin's bedroom isn't facing the open streets.   Lastly, I can't wait to move to a place where people do not use the street outside of my house as a parking lot for the nearby church and high school.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Franklin Canyon Lake and Heavenly Pond

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains is Franklin Canyon Park.  Within this part are 2 lakes (I think technically they are reservoirs) and a small pond.  We visited the upper reservoir  called Franklin Canyon Lake and a small pond to the west of the lake, called Heavenly Pond.

I've known about Heavenly Pond for quite some time now.  I knew that it is a small, quiet, turtle pond that would be a perfect backup plan for releasing our turtles if we did not find a good home for them (but we ended up surrendering them to CTCC).  I've been wanting to visit here for weeks but with Caitlin's rigid nap schedule, this item was just never high enough on our list for us to get around to it.  Finally, the opportunity arrived!  On April 29th, my parents needed a ride from the airport and it was during the middle of the work day so Jeff took the day off to drive them home (why didn't I drive them home? Well, first, it was during Caitlin's nap time.  Second, they asked Jeff to drive them, not me ~_~).  With his day off, we were able to finally go!  Caitlin and I love it when we get 3-day weekends with Jeff.  =)

We took surface streets since there are no major freeways from us to mountains.  The entrance to the park is located right off a small residential street in Beverly Hills.  For a second, I thought that maybe we were going the wrong way.  Must be nice to be one of those rich people to have a park literally right in your backyard.
We parked right in between the lake and pond, and walked the teeny tiny "trail" (so small, doesn't deserve the name "trail") around Heavenly Pond.  I made sure to take plenty of pictures of the turtles there.  I was a bit bummed that there were very few ducks there.  Then I asked a kind stranger where to go to see the lake. She said right across the street to the right! We crossed the street, turned right, and found a flight of stairs that took us down to a hiking trail that goes around the perimeter of the lake.  We walked around the entire lake then headed on home.  It was such a small lake and short hiking trail, that I think we headed back home within an hour of arriving there.  I know there are more hiking trails that goes into the mountains but we weren't into anything strenuous.
Overall, it was pretty to look at, but much smaller than I expected.  There were very few people but that is probably because we came during a workday.  I would imagine parking may be tough on a weekend.  There were a few small picnic tables off the side of the road so this place could be a picnic+hiking type of place.

Us at Heavenly Pond.  I LOVE C's new shoes
From Franklin Canyon Lake - Beverly Hills, CA

Heavenly Pond

Turtles at Heavenly Pond.  There were more swimming around too.
From Franklin Canyon Lake - Beverly Hills, CA

Franklin Canyon Lake
From Franklin Canyon Lake - Beverly Hills, CA

Taking the stairs down to the trail that borders the lake
From Franklin Canyon Lake - Beverly Hills, CA

View the entire album here (there aren't many pictures)
Franklin Canyon Lake - Beverly Hills, CA


2600 Franklin Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills 
Phone: (310) 858-7272

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Natural History Museum and Mothers Beach

Two big adventures this month!  Boy have we been active!  Now that the weather's been warming up, I've really felt myself come out of hibernation. :)

Natural History Museum - April 6, 2013
We joined our cousin Connie and her kids at the Natural History Museum. It is located just outside of USC at Exposition Park, which means that this was the perfect opportunity for us to ride the new Expo Train.  There is a train station 2 blocks from our house and there is a train stop literally, right outside the Natural History Museum.  It was perfect.
We ended up leaving the house for the train station fairly late, around 3:30, since Caitlin got up from her nap past 2pm and we needed to feed her lunch, nurse her, and get her dressed for our excursion.  After arriving at the train station, we had to figure out how to buy tickets, then we were on our way!  after a 14 minute ride, we arrived at the museum at 4pm.  Now, keep in mind the museum closes at 5pm, but 4pm was the earliest we could get there!  Luckily, tickets are half price after 4pm and we used our student id cards and got an even bigger discounted rate :D.
1 hour at the museum with a baby in tow is more than enough for us!  We saw dinosaur bones, gems, and went to the kid-friendly discovery area.
After the museum, we all went back to our house, so back on the train we went.  Connie drove straight to our house and arrived before we did! I guess at certain times, driving in LA traffic is actually faster than taking the train.
my babes

us gals

can you find adriana?

swimming with Shamu

Natural History Musuem
900 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 763-3466

Mothers Beach (Marina Del Rey) - April 20, 2013
This day was one of the warmest day of the year. Perfect beach weather.
Of course, I'm not a fan of flocking to the popular, crowded, beaches like Santa Monica and Malibu (don't get me wrong, I like these beaches.  I just hate crowds).  But we didn't want to drive too far either.  Which beach to go to?
Then I remembered, earlier that week, I got an email from my Meetup group suggesting a play date at Mothers Beach in Marina Del Rey sometime in May.  Hey!  Why not go to Mothers Beach?!  It's very baby friendly (which is why it's called Mothers Beach) with no waves and it's actually quite unknown because it's tucked away within the marina.  There's shouldn't be too much of a crowd, I hoped.
If it wasn't for my Meetup, I would have completely forgotten about that beach; it's just not one of those beaches that ever comes to mind because it's not along the shore and no one ever talks about it.  But we have actually been there once, back in maybe 2007.  We found it because we were in the mood to grill some burgers at the beach but most beaches do not allow grilling along the shore.  The internet finally pointed us in the direction of Mothers Beach, where there is a covered picnic area with plenty of grills, just footsteps from the water.  So we went, grilled, ate, had a good time, and completely forgot about that place... til now.
Once again, we left the house at 3:30pm and arrived there close to 4pm.  We paid for 1 hour at the meter, figuring that Caitlin would be done playing after an hour and we could head off for an early sushi dinner at 5pm.  Boy were we wrong.  Caitlin had so much fun we had to go back and add another hour to the meter and canned the sushi dinner idea.  Caitlin was too busy having fun scooping sand, throwing sand, snuggling in the sand.  Then she had EVEN MORE fun leaving our beach blanket, crawling right into the water, and splashing up a storm!  I swear, that kid is suicidal.  Luckily for us, Mother's Beach is so baby-friendly, that there were no waves to pull her away and the water was incredibly shallow so Caitlin was able to splash around without fear of her drowing.  Of course, Jeff and I still nervously hovered over just in case, like the helicopter parents we are.

Mothers Beach. calm waters

 red shovel
jazz hands

we made sand imprints

ginger steps to the water

dove head first into the water


she loves splashing

it's like we were the only people there

drenched from head to toe

Marina Mother's Beach
4101 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

View the full album on picasa: