Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween! Jack-o-lanterns galore

Happy Halloween everyone!
What were we up to for Halloween this year?

Carved Jack-o-Lantern:
Jeff's drunken hillbilly on the left
Jen's Dracula on the right

Made Jack-o-Lantern Bell Peppers for Dinner:



Jeff is eating Mini-Jack's brains!! AHH!

Mini-Jack-2 has been scalped

Knotts Scary Farm:
a view of the roller coasters at night

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey. Who's that new kid?

Hey. Who's that new kid?

Three Rumps

Marbles: "I choose Bachelor #1"

Ruby: "Hey. That new kid is copying me"

Jen took these brilliant photographs. A big thanks to her very cooperative models.
See the entire set here:

The New Pig In Town

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The cute animals of Hawaii

In addition to the cute animals of the sea we've already seen in my Hawaii blog posts (sea turtles, giant sand crabs, manta rays, fish), let's not forget about the animals of the land!

We saw....

Red headed birds....

Yellow birds, blending into yellow grass...
(talk about camouflage!)

Adorable green lizards
We saw these bug-eyed fellers everywhere, including the inside of our condo....

As well as ON JEFF!!!

Do you see the baby lizard? He's on Jeff's shoulder
(poor jeff.. look at that expression... priceless)