Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm famous!!

ok...  so I'm not a celebrity.
But at least my name and my face made it on the CNET website!

This is for the HUDmobile product I worked on at Fonality.

View the website here:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Local Adventures

We've been to quite a few places these last few weekends.
I think this upcoming weekend will be the first weekend in several weeks where we won't be venturing too far.

Want to know what we've been up to?

Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point - July 10

Santa Barbara - July 17
Jeff "steering" the surrey bike.  (only the left side actually steers).

why does Jeff's finger always get in the picture when he takes it?

OC Great Park, Irvine - July 23
 hot air balloon, and carousel (on the right)

Jeff on the hot air balloon

I rode the panda on the carousel

Major League Gaming Pro Circuit, Anaheim - July 30-31
These guys signing autographs are supposedly "famous"
The guy on the left, I think his name is "Day9". What kind of name is that?
He looks like he lives out of his mom's basement

There were so many people that there were not enough seats.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Refrigerator Resolved! (almost)

Done and done!

After speaking to the Director of eCommerce at Sears Outlet, and the store manager at Sears Outlet - Corona,  here is the outcome of my refrigerator woes:
  • Brand new refrigerator will be delivered to me (same model).
    This refrigerator is from regular Sears, not Sears Outlet, so there should be no dents or scratches.
  • Delivery of the fridge and haul-away of the old fridge is free
  • The 1 year warranty is reset.  So the 1 year warranty of the new fridge starts today
  • The 90 day refund/exchange policy is reset and starts today.  So if I still have problems with the new fridge, I can simply get a refund and buy a different fridge.
The new fridge is scheduled to be delivered on August 13
This is our fridge, in case you were curious.  But ours is white, not stainless steel.

When everything is set up and working properly, I plan on contacting both, the Director of eCommerce and the store manager at Sears Outlet - Corona, and give them a big "Thank You" for all their help.  
They got done in 2 days what their Customer Service line couldn't do in 5 months. 
Then I will send a follow-up to The Consumerist about the happy ending. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Consumerist published my Sears Outlet story -- got the attention of Sears Outlet within a few mins

I'm famous!

Remember my last post, Avoid Sears Outlet?

I initially submitted my story to, and then copied and pasted the text into my blog.
This morning, Consumerist published my story on their website!

View it here:
(btw, they changed my name from "Jennifer" to "Jill" to keep it anonymous).

I am impressed at how quickly Consumerist reviewed my submission, edited it, and published it on their website the following morning.  I know Consumerist gets a ton of submissions a day, so thumbs up to them for giving priority to my story.

Within a few minutes after my story was published on the Consumerist website, the Director of eCommerce at Sears Outlet, reached out to Consumerist, wanting to get in contact with me.  Consumerist has forwarded his contact info to me.

I sent an email to the Sears Outlet Director, asking to set up an appointment time.  (I don't have reception at work, so I need to set up a time where I can leave the office to talk on the phone).
Still waiting for his response.
I will call him shortly before the EOD if I don't hear from him.

My story on Consumerist also garnered over 40 comments from Consumerist readers within the first 2 hours that my story was published.  Many people offered suggestions such as:  charge back, small claims court, and always demanding for an exchange/refund (instead of a repair) if you are within the 90 day window.

I hope to get this resolved soon!
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Avoid Sears Outlet

In March of this year, I purchased a refrigerator from the Sears Outlet website (
Shortly after the purchase, the ice maker stopped working.

On the Sears Outlet website, it says to call 1-800-4-my-home for repairs (we get free repairs from their 1 year warranty).
A couple weeks later, the repair man comes, tinkers with the ice maker for a few minutes, then leaves, thinking that he fixed the ice maker.
The ice maker *does* make ice, but it breaks again after 2 weeks!
We call 1-800-4-my-home and they sent out repair man #2 who poked around the ice maker then left.
Same thing -- the ice maker worked for another 1-2 weeks then broke again.
We called 1-800-4-my-home a third time, and they sent out repair man #3, who replaced the entire ice maker with brand new parts.
The ice maker worked for about 3 weeks, then it broke again!

Fed up, I called 1-800-4-my-home demanding them to send me a new refrigerator rather than a repair man.  The call center agent said they can only set up with repair appointment, thus they cannot issue me refunds/exchanges.
I had the agent forward me to their "Customer Solutions" phone line.
After speaking to the Customer Solutions agent, telling them the story about the 3 repair men and demanding an exchange, the agent agreed to let me exchange the refrigerator, but I would have to pay a 15% re-stock fee, because I am outside of their 90-day returns/exchanges window (This was in July, which is 4 months after the purchase). I explained to the agent that I took so long to ask for an exchange because we spent so much back-and-forth with the repair men.
The agent was very understanding and offered to waive the15% re-stock fee and the delivery fee of the new refrigerator.  I happily agreed to continue with the paperwork to process an exchange. 
After waiting on hold for 15 minutes while the agent wrote up the paperwork, the agent came back and told me that she was a "Sears" representative, and not a "Sears Outlet" representative, and issuing exchanges was outside of her jurisdiction.
Her suggestion:  Go to a Sears Outlet store front and talk to the store manager.

Remember I purchased my refrigerator from 
I did not know which SearsOutlet store my refrigerator was shipped from, so I went to the local SearsOutlet store and talked to the store manager there.
That store manager was very helpful and helped us locate the store that our refrigerator was shipped from (which is the Sears Outlet store that is located 60 miles away from my home!). 
We called the Sears Outlet that shipped our refrigerator and explained to them our story (3 failed repair attempts).  That store manager said that he will be able to issue us a refrigerator exchange if we can get a repair man to look at the ice maker and declare the ice maker as "unrepairable".  Then we need to bring the "unrepairable" note to the Sears Outlet store in-person.  At that time, an exchange will be issued and all we have to pay is an additional delivery fee to deliver the new refrigerator and remove the old one.

We made an appointment with repair man #4 to come declare our ice maker as "unrepairable".
Repair man #4 was actually the same guy as repair man #3!  He remembered changing our entire ice maker, however, he said that he *cannot* declare the ice maker as "unrepairable" because he would be fired. 
No repair man will be able to declare as our ice maker as "unrepairable".

Great... now what.

I am tired of being sent in circles trying to get a working ice maker
All I want is a working ice maker!