Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby is halfway here!

I am at the halfway mark of my pregnancy (week 20).
This week at the ob, we got an ultrasound to check the gender, but unfortunately, it was difficult to see.  As of now, the ob is leaning towards a girl, but she is not sure.
Better luck next time!!

Ever wanted to know what our baby looks like?
Well.  Here ya go. 
I am uploading both the original image and the image with captions written in, since these images are pretty impossible to decipher. 

 For week 8, the baby literally looks like a coffee bean, and is 0.7 inches long. 
I think the head is on the upper left and the rump is on the lower right. 

The original ultrasound.  Can you tell what is what?

Here are the captions!  Makes more sense now, right?
The baby is about 2.2 inches here, from head to butt.  Still so tiny.

Ok.  This ultrasound is even harder to decipher than Week 12's ultrasound.

Here are the captions
The baby is about 6.5 inches here from head to butt.   And roughly 10 inches from head to toes.


Want to see how fat I have gotten??
I am *hoping* that this is all baby and not fat. 
pfffttt.   look at that fatty

Friday, October 7, 2011

The 3 loves of my life!

It's hilarious how Ruby and Marbles are all over Jeff.
Its like ants all over picnic food.
Here is the analogy in GRE/SAT format:

Ruby & Marbles : Jeff

  1. guinea pigs : rodent
  2. night : morning
  3. ants : picnic food
  4. bugs : spring
  5. picnics : potato salad
Correct answer: C

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our house has termites!!

Fumigation will be ~$1,500. 
We get to throw *more* money down the drain, trying to repair and maintain this crummy old house!

Let's not forget that our central air and heat is also busted, which will be another ~$14,000 to replace.

Oh, being a homeowner.
So much more expensive than renting.