Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introducing Pleco!

Our turtle's tank has been super covered in algae and we decided that it's time to get a plecostomus  (we have had a plecostomus in the past, and a Chinese algae eater in the past, but after both died, we never got around to getting a new algae eater).

We went to this aquarium shop in Culver City, and it was awesome!  so many plecostomus' to choose from!
7 dollars poorer, we brought home our new little guy.

Pleco seems pretty laid back. Shortly after introducing him into the tank, a turtle came up to Pleco and stuck his beak right into Pleco's eye ball.  Pleco did not react or wince at all!
Pleco seems to be more shy than our previous plecostomus, who frequently sucked on the turtles' faces and latched onto the turtles' shells.  I hope Pleco warms up to the turtles soon.  But maybe after that eye incident, it's not happening.

Here is our plecostomus!  Chillin' out

Uh Oh. 
Looks like Bulbasaur got jealous and wants to be in the picture.

Here is Bulbasaur hogging the camera, but you can see Pleco in the background.

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