Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to share the big news!

As you may have already heard,  Jeff and I are having a baby!
The baby will be due in March 2012.

Long before I saw the double pink line on the pregnancy test, I always knew that I wanted to share the wonderful news to Jeff in a special way.

What method is "special", and is also very characteristic of me?
I know!
I will tell Jeff  the great news in the form of a special meal!
I decided to make a meal using food that has the word "baby" in it, and try and have Jeff guess the message I am trying to tell him.

I made a meal consisting of:
  • Baby back ribs
  • Baby bella mushrooms
  • Salad with: baby spinach, baby heirloom tomatoes, and baby corn
  • Baby carrots
  • Babybel cheese
(I went to 3 stores looking for "baby potatoes" but I couldn't find any!!  The week after I made the special meal, I saw them at the store.  grrr).

Check out the spread!
It came out so pretty, and tasted pretty good too! 
(although I was slightly nauseous during my 1st trimester, so after eating this meal, I was unable to even look or think about baby back ribs for the rest of the duration of my 1st trimester).

Right before we dug into the meal, I told Jeff that I made this meal for a special occassion.  And that all the items in the meal have something in common.  Can he guess what it is?
After he thought for a bit, he correctly guessed that everything had the word "baby" in it, and it was the baby corn that gave it away.

I said "great!  now... can you guess the reason why I made this meal?"
Jeff was like "uhhh.. ummm..  errrr..  because we want to have a baby?"
I said "uh, yes.. that's true. but there is something more than that. 
Jeff couldn't guess it, so I finally blurted it out: "We're having a baby!".
Jeff: "Let's not get ahead of ourselves now..."
Jen: "No really, I'm pregnant!"
Jeff: "Really?  How do you know???".
Jen: " -_-# "

Fun story, right?  =)

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